Thursday, October 14, 2010

Panorama Photography

I love this Panorama Photo because this photo isn't just showing this small, detailed house, it's showing the landscape of the house, it's showing where it might be located, and this photo is showing you the breath-taking beauty all around this small house.

I also love this Panorama Photo because instead of taking one part of the night-time traffic, this creative photographor took multiple pictures of the night-time traffic to make an amazing desgin that takes your breath away.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Creative Composition Story

   Once a upon a time, in a far magical land, or in other words: Newberg High School; there was a kind, sweet door named: Doora. She lives as an entrance/exit close to the Cafeteria. Everyday, Doora is such a sweetheart to all the adults and teenagers that pass through her day by day. On the outside, she may look joyful and glad about her Life, but on the inside...not so much. Even though Doora loves to meet new people and help out students who would like to go to the Lunch Room, she is still wondering what else she could do with her Life.
   Sometimes she does get abused by teenagers, when class is over, there is a massive amount of people that try to cram themselves through Doora all at once, and she does not feel happy about it. This is one of the reasons why she would like to switch up her job a bit.
   There is more than one of Doora's kind, but Doora is one of the few that has bangs every once in a while. As you can see in this picture, right across the right side of her face is bangs, which makes Doora have some-what of a fashionable characteristic.She also has another one of her kind a few yards away from her, his name is Doorman. They talk to each other frequently while students and teachers are in class.She has found out over the past few weeks that Doorman and herself have a lot in common. They are both friendly, they both love the outdoors, and they both have a talent of opening and closing there eyes (known as their windows).
   Doora is an only child, and her parents live on the other side of Newberg High School, but she knows that her parents would be impressed with her Life. Doora does love and enjoy Life, but of course there is a few things day by day that do not make her happy. But someday way in the future, Doora hopes to be married to Doorman and have a Doora Jr. of her own!

Monday, October 4, 2010


Converging Lines


Filling the Frame

Different Angle




Rule of Thirds